Short logo reveals.(Editing & Rendering)


Long video slideshows or galleries.
(Editing & Rendering)


Broadcast packages or Corporate packages. (Editing & Rendering)

The price for projects modifications is higher and it depends of complexity.


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You can use the "wetransfer.com" site to forward the required files to me.

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  1. Hello I need an animation for my marriage proposal. Can you show me a few examples?

  2. Hello mike, you can send me all the information with the contact form on this page. I will contact you and inform you.

  3. hi dofx, I’m opening a new cake shop. I need an intro to me.

  4. Thank you steven for visiting my site. Contact me using the contact form information. I’il get back to you as soon as possible.

  5. hi dofx, I purchased the Smart Product Promo template.
    Can I add any image to this template? should it be just technological?

  6. Hi Sasha, thank you for purchasing the template.
    You can use all images accepted by “after effects”.
    I recommend using transparent png. transparent images are more beautiful.

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